Gold candelabra


An image of a silver candelabra available for hire from Solid State UK.



Here at Solid State, we stock a range of candelabras to suit a variety of wedding styles. The most popular of our range is our matt silver candelabra perfect for weddings, corporate parties and special occasions, we also stock gold candelabras to.


Our candelabras can be placed directly in the centre of a table with a coloured table runner or to create more of a ‘Wow’ factor a mirrored plate can be placed underneath to reflect the party lights and atmosphere. Our chunky rustic wooden log discs are also a popular choice.

All of our candelabras have 5 arms and come complete with white non-drip candlesticks.

Available Colours
Matt Silver
Shiny Gold
Available Sizes
35cm Tall
75cm Tall
Can be placed on
Circular Mirrored Plates
Rustic Wooden Log Discs

Easy payment plans available

To help make things a little easier and to help you get exactly what you are looking for on your big day, we offer easy and hassle free payment plans when you spend £300 or more with us.

Silver candelabras
Gold Candelabra

An image of a Candelabra, available for hire from Solid State UK.