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Wedding Insurance

Whenever the word ‘Insurance’ is mentioned it is always one of those added extra costs that we tend to avoid straight the way and something we seem to view as an inconvenience rather than something that may protect and help us. If you have not yet considered wedding insurance it is definitely something that is worth looking into as for most bride and grooms, a wedding can become a costly affair that they have saved endlessly for in order to get their big day.

Should you fall ill or something unfortunate happens at least you won’t loose out completely and you will have a level of cover in place. Here at Solid State UK we offer competitively priced wedding insurance which caters for a range of budgets and covers many levels of cover. If this is a service that you require, please contact us directly where we will be happy to help and advise you further.

If you spend £1200 or more with us, we will add insurance cover as part of this service.

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