Top Tips for Planning Your Next Corporate Event

Top Tips for Planning Your Next Corporate Event

An image of three colleagues at a corporate event, dressed in masquerade masks.

If you have been tasked with planning your company’s next corporate event, you may be beginning to feel the pressure. However, the good news is that there are a lot of tips and tricks you can implement to help things run a little smoother and hopefully keep you a lot calmer in the process. In the latest blog post by Solid State UK, we take a look at top tips for planning your next corporate event.

Make List

When it comes to planning any type of event, lists will be your best friend. Whether you choose to have your lists held on a digital platform or prefer the joy of ticking off items on a paper copy, lists will give you a visual prompt of things you need to get sorted.

Consider making several lists in order of urgency, this way you will only focus on a handful of things at a time and not let yourself become overwhelmed by focusing on every aspect in one go.

Understand the Budget

Most events will have a budget that needs to be adhered to and once this figure has been confirmed it is vital that you begin allocating amounts to each aspect of the event. By breaking the budget down in this way, you will give yourself a much clearer vision for the outcome of the event. Top tip – when allocating the budget, consider the values and culture of your company and the expectations of the staff members.

Find a Venue

As soon as people find out the venue you have chosen for the event, they will begin conjuring up images of the type of event it will be. Your venue can set a president for both atmosphere and dress code, so it is important that you find a venue that complements that occasion you would like to create.

Solid State UK

Here at Solid State UK, we have been offering reliable marquee hire for many years. A marquee will allow you to create a completely personalised venue in a location of your choice. Choose from a wide range of decor, lighting styles and flooring styles to complement the event you are creating. For more information on any of our services, including furniture hire and table centrepieces, call out team today on 0116 2885956.