Top Tips for Organising a Conference

Top Tips for Organising a Conference

An image of a microphone at a conference

If you’ve been tasked to organise a conference, you’ll no doubt have an ever increasing list of items in mind that need to be put into some sort of order.

Here at Solid State UK, we have put together a few tips for organising a conference, helping to ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible.


Once the idea of the conference has been confirmed, you’ll need to search for an appropriate venue. Size certainly matters when it comes to your venue and you’ll need to ensure you’re not tempted into hiring a large open space if you know that the guest list is small. A venue that is too big can dilute the atmosphere and theme of the conference, whilst one that is too small will feel uncomfortable and not leave you with enough scope to make the most of the decor.

There are many unique conference events out there, so don’t feel you have to settle for a hotel; if you can’t find a venue to suit the style of the conference, consider hiring a marquee and decorating it according to your specification.


No conference would be complete without appropriate speakers. If you’re organising a conference and plan to hire a speaker, be sure to give them the event address and date as soon as you know what it is. Providing your speakers with a good amount of notice will not only mean they’re more likely to accept your invitation, it will also ensure you provide them with enough time to prepare talks that will excite your audience.


The theme you choose for your conference should perfectly offset the topic being discussed. The best conferences are immersive experiences and not only provide the attendees with informative discussions, but also inspire and motivate individuals to conduct further research and development into the field being discussed.

With Solid State UK, organising a conference doesn’t have to be difficult. We provide everything from bar hire to table linen and welcome you to contact us. Please call 0116 2885956 for more information on our services.