Considerations: How to Decorate a Marquee

Considerations: How to Decorate a Marquee

Bride showing Enagaement Ring on Left Hand in Wedding Celebration in a marquee with Family

If you’ve been pondering how to decorate a marquee, or more specifically, your own wedding marquee for quite some time, continue reading the latest Solid State UK blog post to ensure you don’t forget to make some key considerations.

The beauty of holding your wedding or wedding reception in a marquee is that you have a ready made, stunning venue that can be erected almost anywhere you desire. However, there are certain decisions that still to be made.


As a freestanding venue, the lights of a marquee can be adapted to suit the theme and atmosphere you would like to create.

When deciding on the most appropriate lighting to use, consider how long you expect the celebrations to go on for. If it’s likely to get dark before your guests begin going home, you will need to ensure both the inside and outside of the marquee are appropriately lit.

Another consideration to make when it comes to the lighting of the space is if you would like to use lighting to distinguish certain areas from others, for example, the top table, dance floor or speech area.

Star lighting is a very common feature that is often placed above the dance floor of a marquee, however, if the natural light is likely to fade during your celebrations, the lights may also be used across the entire expanse of space to create an intimate feeling.

Remember, when it comes to lighting up the outside space, fairy lights may not be enough, and lamps or low hanging bulbs may be a more suitable option.


Once securing their venue, many people become uncertain about how to decorate a marquee. Although the chosen marquee is arguably a stand-out feature in its own right, the accessories and decorations of the space are what personalise it and make it unique to the wedding day.

Matching table centrepieces may be used to provide a uniform appearance, however, you may also consider implementing variations of the same theme across the space, for example, different coloured flowers, candlesticks or novelty items to provide eye capturing features and unique talking points.
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