Common Marquee Hire Myths

Common Marquee Hire Myths

An image of a table set for dinner inside a marquee.

Marquees can make the perfect venue for a wide variety of events at various times of the year. However, there are a few myths surrounding marquee hire that put some people off. In the latest blog post from Solid State UK, we bust some common marquee myths.

1. “Marquees can only be used in summer”

Although when you think of a summer gathering or large garden party, you may conjure up images of a beautifully decorated marquee on a pristine lawn, it doesn’t mean that marquees cannot be used at other times of the year. Marquees are extremely sturdy and can be used with suitable heaters to ensure that the space remains warm and welcoming as the evening approaches.

2. “You need a big space”

Although it’s right that you can acquire very large marquees to complement large-scale events such as corporate gathering or weddings, marquees come in various shapes, sizes and styles and can even fit in courtyard spaces. What’s more, marquees may also be used as an extension to an indoor space. Before investing in a marquee for your event, it is wise to consult a professional to discuss your size requirements.

3. “Marquees are expensive”

When compared with other venues, marquess tend to offer greater value for money. The fact that marquees can be tailored to your exact requirements, placed in a location of your choosing and decorated to match your ideal theme means that you can create a tailored event that will be truly unique. With this in mind, marquees offer excellent value for money.

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