Dancefloor Hire – Everything you need to know!

Dancefloor Hire – Everything you need to know!

Here at Solid State UK, we stock a wide range of dancefloors ranging all the way from our parquet dancefloors to our LED starlit dancefloors! We also stock them in multiple sizes ranging from 10ft x 10ft all the way up to whatever size you require to meet your event needs.

What Size?

A question we get asked a lot here in the office is ‘what size do I need?’ Luckily we have that sorted! We estimate that roughly a third of your guests will be dancers and will get up and actually use the dancefloor so we use that to work out a rough estimate of what size you require. However, you know your guests better than we do and if you think more of them will be dancing than this let us know so that we can work out Dancefloorswhat size would be best! For example, for a party with 60 guests, we’d estimate 20 will be dancing at once so we’d recommend a dancefloor size of 10ft x 10ft. However, if you think more of your guests are likely to use the dancefloor at once, around 30, we’d recommend a dancefloor size of 12ft x 12ft. However, our dancefloors can accommodate up to 1500 guests so if you need more information on sizing and prices don’t hesitate to give us a call!

What Style?

Ullesthorpe Court 3Styling all comes down to personal preference, are you having a modern, out there wedding? Maybe our LED starlight dancefloor is best for you! Are you looking to have a more traditional and less flashy wedding? Maybe our wooden parquet dancefloor is what you’re looking for! However there’s no right or wrong when it comes to picking what style of dancefloor you’d like, it’s all down to personal preference.

What Type?

Here at Solid State UK, with our starlight dancefloors we only offer wired dancefloors instead of wireless ones. However, the reasoning for this is because of how unreliable wireless dancefloors are. Wireless dancefloors work off a system that uses a powered edge to supply power to the edge panels which then distributes that power among all the panels. However, due to this, it is common that some panels won’t work as the power won’t get distributed correctly or that the whole dancefloor would turn off when the powered edge became disconnected during the night as the guests danced. Because of this, we don’t supply wireless dancefloors as we want to ensure we provide the best quality and reliability we can, which comes with wired dancefloors.

Take a look at some of our dancefloors in use!