What size dancefloor do I need for my wedding/ event?

What size dancefloor do I need for my wedding/ event?

Every event needs a dance floor, so it is important to know what size to order. When determining the dance floor size for your event, keep in mind that typically less than 50% of your attending party will occupy the dance floor at any one point.

Who Will Be Dancing?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a dance floor size. It is important to know who will be dancing, if your wedding guests are mostly elderly, then it is likely that not many will be up and dancing. Whereas if you have more younger guests, then you can expect just the opposite.

One thing we always advise our clients is that every wedding or event is different from the next. You will know your guests better than us; you may be expecting everyone to be up and dancing throughout the night or maybe you are expecting a more balance of 50%/50% split.

We have found for most weddings you can go with the 40% rule, which works great. You should budget 4.5 square feet of space for each person, 9 square feet for each couple.

Our Dance floor size guide

We can supply an especially useful dance floor size guide on our website. This helps our clients get a good idea of what sort of size they would require based on their recommended guests.

Dance Floor Size Recommended Guests Recommended Dancers
12ft x 12ft 100 30
14ft x 14ft 130 50
16ft x 16ft 160 65
18ft x 18ft 200 80
20ft x 20ft 275 100
22ft x 22ft 325 125
24ft x 24ft 375 150
26ft x 26ft 450 175
28ft x 28ft 525 200
30ft x 30ft 600 225

Popular dance floor sizes

Our team has over 10 years of experience in the event industry. In this time, we have found that our 12ft x 12ft dance floor is one of our most popular sizes, this size accommodates a small to medium size wedding of around 100 people very well. Our 12ft x 12ft dance floors offers 144 square feet of room for your guests to dance the night away. For slightly larger weddings or events of around 200 people, we have found that our 18ft x 18ft is best suited.

Talk to our team today

Our experienced team lay dance floors week in, week out so rest assured if you have a limited setup time. Our specialist team can install a 12ft x 12ft white LED dance floor in under 30 minutes. Our efficiency means we could complete an install during a quick room turn around at your next event.

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