How to plan the perfect wedding day

How to plan the perfect wedding day

Here at Solid State UK, we pride ourselves in ensuring that your venue of choice is decorated above and beyond your expectations. However, there are multiple other factors that go into ensuring your wedding day runs as smoothly as possible despite the inevitable hiccups that may happen along the way.

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Timing is key

No matter if your wedding day is set to happen in 4 months or a year, as soon as you have a date in mind for your wedding day, it is important to plan ahead and book your venue as soon as possible after your engagement. If you don’t, you risk not being able to have your venue of choice as many good venues get booked up months in advance.

Be prepared for the unexpected

Rain, sun, cloud, or snow your wedding day is still just as important and nothing should get in your way. We are in the UK after all; you never know what to expect weather wise. Just hand your bridesmaids and groomsmen umbrellas and take it all in your stride, make the most of the atmosphere it may create knowing that today is your day and nothing can ruin it for you. Keeping that in mind always have a backup plan, could you imagine being stranded because of a breakdown? Having a solid backup plan will put your mind more at ease and make the day that little bit less stressful if something doesn’t go as planned.

Make sure you have a strong team

Having a strong team of friends and relatives around you to help set up on the day can make all the difference. Don’t be afraid to set tasks for people to do, it is your day after all; the bride should be relaxing and enjoying herself, not rushing around sweating over minor details. This is also where we can assist you, we can’t take away all the stress of your wedding day but we can ensure that the venue is decorated to a professional standard and that every little detail is how you want it before the main event.