SSUK - New Logo (Combined)

Welcome to a new era for Solid State UK! Today we are very proud to launch not only our brand new website, but our new slick logo design too!

We have changed a lot as a business over the last 6 years when our current logo was launched, from our range of products to the type of events we cover. We feel now is the perfect time to update our brand identify, which includes a new logo, colours and font.

Our current website which was also launched in 2011 has had a few face lifts over the years, but we felt it was the right time to create a fresh design. Our new site includes changes to navigation, with dropdown menus for both mobile and desktop versions. We’ve also made huge improvements to the structure of our content, the majority of our products now have their own individual pages with in-depth descriptions, all of which are designed to create a better experience for our customers.

You’ll soon see our new look everywhere as we start the rebranding process. Our website, social media, vans and offices will soon feature our brand new logo. We believe the new look better matches what we’ve become since 2011, and we hope everyone who has stuck by us throughout this period will welcome our new logo.

We hope you all enjoy our new website and logo.

Thank you for reading, have a great weekend!