New Payment Service

New Payment Service

Dear Customer

Date  8th May 2014

We think it’s important to move with times now a days,  And we are always looking at ways and ideas we can improve our services and move with the times and help our customers out at the same time, by making things a little easier and stress free.

We have done this by coming up with the idea of offering our customers the chance of paying by standing order. The big benefit of this is you do not have to worry about payment dates and when they are due, and it still works the same way as when you make a payment at the minute. (You will still get your emailed receipt) it just breaks down the payments into ether weekly payments or monthly payments which ever you prefer, Meaning it’s easier to afford.


If you are a customer who wants to book it means now that you will no longer need to pay a deposit. But if you are already a customer and would like to move onto the standing order system, Please give us a call on 0116 2832797



Events Manager