Make Your Christmas Party Memorable

Make Your Christmas Party Memorable

An image of three women in masquerade masks at a Christmas party.

If you’re hosting a Christmas party and already have your venue in place, you may be searching for ways to make the celebration extra special. For our latest post, we take a look at various ways you can make your Christmas party go with a little extra sparkle.

You may think that marquees are only suitable for the summer, however, they are actually a great venue for various celebrations all year round. If hiring a marquee for your Christmas party, be sure to remember practical items, such as outdoor lighting and heating. Although these items may not directly add festive cheer, they’ll certainly help to keep your guests warm, not to mention avoid trips and slips which may be caused by a lack of outdoor lighting.

Making it Memorable

Photos are a great way to capture fun memories of your Christmas party. To give your guests the opportunity to really strike their best pose, consider creating a dedicated photography zone. Use garlands or props to create a unique background and provide various handheld props for your guests to pose with. This added extra is sure to be remembered and sets photos from your party apart from the many other celebrations going on around the same time.

Whether you love or hate them, there’s no denying that you can’t escape Christmas songs during December. If you’re worried you might bore everyone with the same old music, consider asking everyone to come up with a song suggestion when they RSVP. This way, not only will you have something for everyone, you’re sure to keep people singing along and dancing all night.

Christmas parties are a time for everyone to come together, but if you work with a large number of people or are hosting for various people that know you but not necessarily each other, groups can be formed very quickly. To add some festive cheer and get the whole room enjoying the party together, consider some team games. Alternatively, hand out numbered gifts at the door, with two of each number being given out. Tell your guests they need to swap gifts with the person that has their number by the end of the night. Not only will this get your guests mingling, it will also add a unique twist to the night.

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