5 Top Tips for Making Wedding Events Memorable During Lockdown

5 Top Tips for Making Wedding Events Memorable During Lockdown

At the time of writing, the UK is still in (semi) lockdown, with no end in sight, which can be really disheartening when thinking about wedding plans.

However, here at Solid State UK, we believe it’s still possible to get really giddy about every aspect of wedding planning. After all, why compromise on style when you don’t have to.

You may have read lots of tips about cancelling weddings or postponing them, but we’re staying positive and forward-thinking. We firmly believe that it’s still possible to make your wedding event memorable during lockdown.

Here are just a few ideas.

1. The Ceremony 

Social distancing rules mean that indoor and outdoor wedding seating arrangements have to reflect those regulations.

However, it is still possible to arrange your seats in an attractive semi-circle with the happy couple at the front. You can place people in their ‘bubbles’ if needs be, and one of the advantages of a smaller group of guests is that everyone gets a great view. 

2. The Guests

Make every guest’s attendance really count.

Give everyone a particular role to play, so they feel involved. You can also thank your guests individually with bespoke gifts and personally handwritten thank you notes. If guests have to wear masks, why not provide custom-made ones to reflect your wedding’s colour palette

3. The Venue

One of the joys of a smaller wedding is that you can explore creative and quirky venue options.

What you may have previously discounted is now a possibility for a truly intimate and memorable micro-wedding that you and your guests will never forget.

4. The Technology

It’s heartbreaking when you can’t have everyone there for your special day.

However, it’s still possible to involve family and friends, including those at risk, that you couldn’t invite.

The solution?

Hosting a live stream of your special day.

Ask your wedding coordinator to arrange a live video feed for guests to watch in their homes or at socially distanced gatherings of six. For that extra-special touch, you could even send everyone a bottle of fizz and a small gift, so they feel properly included. 

5. The Fun

A smaller wedding party means a more relaxed event at a memorable venue of your choosing.

Be it a restaurant or a smaller room in a grand wedding venue where the fun can commence. 

For instance, with fewer guests, you can afford to spend more on fantastic food and wine. Or theme your wedding. You don’t need a huge crowd to still have a fun themed night. 

Alternatively, hire food and cocktail trucks for a more relaxed yet classy vibe, with some standout firework displays to round off the night? The possibilities are limitless.

There are so many options for your lockdown wedding event. Let us help you rethink your wedding and plan your magical and memorable day. 


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