Four Unique Wedding Reception Ideas for Your Upcoming Nuptials

Four Unique Wedding Reception Ideas for Your Upcoming Nuptials

an image of a pinecone with the word 'bride' written on it, as part of Solid State UK's blog about unique wedding reception ideas

As beautiful as traditional wedding receptions can be, they won’t necessarily suit everyone. You do not need to set aside your personality when planning your wedding; the day is all about you and your partner, and should be celebrated as such. To aid your planning, Solid State UK have offered four unique wedding reception ideas below which are sure to make your big day feel special to all attending the event.

Sweet Carts

One of many unique wedding reception ideas, the addition of a sweet cart on your wedding day is sure to please guests of all ages. Whether you’re planning to provide a sit-down, three course meal or a sizeable buffet, you simply cannot go wrong with providing an abundance of sweets all day. Adorned with bunting and decorations sure to suit your special day, a sweet cart can look beautiful parked in your reception venue, and taste just as good too!

First Fight Box

Is it strange to look ahead to the first big fight as a married couple on your wedding day? With a ‘First Fight Box’, it needn’t be. Before the wedding, source a wooden box, a bottle of your favourite wine, and two glasses. Gather slips of paper and write notes to each other which describe about what you love most about the other. Place the wine, the glasses, and the notes into the wooden box, and bring the box to your wedding reception. During the reception, ask your guests to write down their top marriage tips, and place in the First Fight Box. Upon your first fight as a married couple, open the box, pour the wine, and read the notes from your loved ones and your significant other. Marriage can be tough – but with a little help from your family and friends, and memories of why you fell in love in the first place, a First Fight Box is an effective way to ensure that your union is a happy one.

Colourful Dance Floor

One of the best parts of a wedding reception is the party portion during the evening. Here at Solid State UK, we strongly believe that your choice of dance floor can inform the entire look of your wedding. From a traditional wooden appearance to chequered flooring, you are able to compliment your overarching theme for your big day. Consider installing a white LED dance floor for a sparkling effect that will look truly stunning during your first dance as a married couple.

Unique Seating Plan

If you and your partner are choosing to have a sit down meal after the ceremony, a seating plan will be necessary to inform your guests of their whereabouts before the meal. This is an opportunity to sprinkle your own identity into proceedings, giving your seating plan a delightful theme. You could decide to go with a conventional seating chart, embellished with ribbons the same colour as your bouquet. Alternatively, you could shape your seating chart around a hobby or an interest both you and your partner share. For example, are you into stargazing? Name every table after a constellation that can be seen during the evening of your wedding reception. Love gardening? Offer a small potted plant to your guests when they enter the reception venue, all of which hold the number of their seat on a personalised label wrapped round the plant.

If you are seeking unique wedding reception ideas for your upcoming nuptials, Solid State UK have a vast array of decorative options which will give your wedding venue the ‘wow’ factor you desire. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today at 0116 2885956 to find out how Solid State UK could help to enhance your wedding planning today.