How to Make Sure Guests Are Happy on Your Wedding Day

How to Make Sure Guests Are Happy on Your Wedding Day

It’s all too common these days that in the excitement of wedding day prep, the bride and (sometimes) groom get caught up in the fine details and how it all looks. Of course, this is important, but don’t forget your guests! Be sure to prioritise them and whether they will enjoy it – because if they don’t neither will you!

Interesting Food Ideas

Food is a huge part of a wedding day, and your guests will be celebrating with you for a long time. Not only is it important to keep them full, but food can be incredibly engaging. Some of the best wedding days are the most relaxed, so why not bring a fun element to the catering with posh food trucks, ice cream carts or self-serve stations for snacks like sweets or popcorn. These ideas can be available to guests at transitional times of the day to avoid leaving them standing around. For example, an ice cream could be a perfect snack between the ceremony and speeches.

Plenty of Drink

A lack of alcohol can often disappoint guests and leave the general mood deflated. These days, full cash bars are less common because of this, but this doesn’t mean you have to provide absolutely everything. If you’re on a budget, allocate money behind the bar for wine and beer but not spirits, or even just ensure your dinner guests have plenty of wine on the table. After all, there really is no point in having a lavish, beautiful wedding if your guests aren’t up on the dance floor with you!


Now, there are plenty of fantastic DJ’s out there, but all of us have been to a wedding or two where the DJ plays music from their generation only and mumbles into the microphone. The key to good music is to have a variety that everyone can enjoy. A popular choice these days is to have a live band that really reflects the personality of the bride and groom. It’s your day, so make sure it represents you!

Smart Seating Plan

Your guests will be spending a lot of time together on your wedding day. Although there is often a strong recommendation to mix your guests up and encourage mingling, bare in mind that your guests will be most comfortable with people they know, or are at least familiar with! It’s ok to make a few introductions, but perhaps aim to have 3 or 4 guests who know each other sat on the same table.


Some people think wedding day games are tacky or may not fit the overall theme, but remember that your guests should be having fun! Some of the most memorable special days include entertainment – don’t be afraid to embrace this! Popular wedding games range from full casino nights with blackjack and roulette tables, to simple lawn activities such as croquet or skittles. The latter option is always a good choice if children are invited too.

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